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Did you know –

  • SaturnĀ has 62 know moons!
  • Jupiter has the largest moon in the solar system, it’s larger than the plant Mercury
  • Uranus was the first planet discovered with a telescope!
  • Neptune was not discovered until 1846, it was discovered by mathematical prediction after astronomers noticed something was affecting Uranus orbit

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Worm Facts

Worm Facts

Facts About Worms

Worms Facts, want to know to answers to these questions?

How many hearts do worms have?
Do worms have eyes?
Do worms have lungs?
How many kinds and earthworms are there worldwide?
How much do worms eat?
Which is the male worm, and which is the female?
How many worms can you find per square meter?
What do worms do to the soil?

Find interesting and amazing facts about worms here at the Worm facts page!

Do Earthworms have Lungs?

Do Earthworms have Lungs?

Worm X-ray

Do Earthworms have Lungs is a question many ask, to help answer this question –

Take a look at this X-ray

What do you think?
To answer the question in a nutshell. NO EARTHWORMS DON’T HAVE LUNGS! You guessed it the X-ray is a fraud.
Seriously though, if they don’t have lungs…

How do earthworms breathe?
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Have You Seen the Site on Raising Compost Worms

Great site on Raising Compost Worms!
All you want to know about these wonderful little critters on this website.

Worm site

Have you seen the compost worm site?

Learn the five easy steps to raising compost worms.
Should you use earth worms in your worm farm?
Great facts about worms!
How to Build your own worm farm.
What is worm tea.
Have you ever seen a worm cocoon or worm egg?
Where can I buy a worms, a worm farm, a book on worms, find out all these things and more.

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