Random Facts

Random Facts

Some random points for you to enjoy –

  • Light takes 1.26 seconds to travel between the Earth and the Moon. Something you really need to know when you turn off your light at night.
  • Ancient Egyptians kept cheetahs as pets, and also tamed and trained them for hunting
  • Voyager 2 is the only space craft to have visited Neptune, it did so in August 1989. Signals from Voyager 2 took over 4 hours ( or 246 minutes) to reach the Earth! I guess you don’t get too many visitors when your the last planet out from the Sun.
  • Lions have the loudest roar of the big cats, they can be heard from 8 km, or 5 miles, away! Don’t mess with this cat.
  • Uranus was the first planet discovered with a telescope! I guess when they invented the telescope, they were just starting to learn how to use it :)

Get these and many other great random facts in no particular order.  Share them with your friends at the most random strange time you think to be appropriate!


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